Arduino Tutorial for Beginners

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Course Difficulty: Beginner
What you'll Learn...?
  • Master the fundamentals of Arduino Programming.
  • Learn both about hardware and software to develop a complete understanding of the board and its systems.
  • Learn to build functioning circuits from scratch.
  • Learn to interface various sensors and actuators (Motors & Servos) with the Arduino board and control them using self-made programs.
  • Get confident in the field of Embedded Systems and start building your own projects.
Requirements & Prerequisites
  • A computer running Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac operating system.
  • At least 4GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Arduino IDE for coding Purposes (Steps to install are detailed in the course itself).
  • Some prior Programming Experience is recommended. You can check out my free C Programming course for that.
  • Basic hardware such as a suitable Arduino board, LCD and basic sensors. The details on these and how to get them are detailed in the course itself. I also show a few hardware-free methods such as Arduino Simulators, in the course for those people who cannot afford the hardware or are unable to get them at their location. You can learn Arduino without needing to purchase any hardware.
Brief Course Content Summary
Note: This Course is under Development and will be released shortly. Please enroll if you are interested and you will be notified through Email.

Course Instructor

Samiran Patra Samiran Patra the Bored Engineer

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Course Syllabus

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